The Gouleta family welcome you. We look forward to the pleasure of receiving you as our personal guest!

Alykes Hotel was built ...

... with understanding for our visitors and the little time they have for physical and spiritual relaxation ... with respect for the natural environment and the landscape ... with careful attention to the preservation of tradition in every detail of our built environment

Only a few minutes from picturesque Marmari , Alykes is a village in miniature, built among olive groves and narrow stone pathways and harmonising perfectly with the natural environment. We invite you to come and to refresh your senses in the most comfortable of modern surroundings, with a breathtaking view of the sea and only a stone’s throw from the beautiful settlement of Marmari. Our family-run philosophy means we are able to combine comfort with traditional colour, with the entire Gouleta family at the disposal of each guest, eager to meet their every need so they are able to enjoy quality holidays and genuine relaxation

So, a warm welcome to all our guests!

The Gouleta Family