A wide range of traditional foods, inspired by local culture and the traditions of the island are on offer in South Evia, and the area around Karystos. Visitors are introduced to local gastronomical delights, which give them the opportunity to better understand our traditions, but also to enjoy unique dishes and delicacies. You just have to take a walk round the area’s little restaurants and ouzeries and try Karystos pies, cheese patties, dried broad beans with aubergines, Karystos sausages, prawns with fried cheese, marrow flowers, sesame and honey bars, almond cakes and many other tasty local specialities which will give you one more reason to visit the region again.

Alykes Café

The lapping of the waves is the unexpected sound you will hear in the Alykes Café. And other surprises await you at the Alykes Café.
A rich breakfast with traditional sweet and savoury dishes, served hot from the oven; A choice of delicious coffee varieties available for you to enjoy all day and our very special suggestions for drinks and cocktails make the Alykes Café an ideal destination, morning and evening, summer and winter!